Should free people be jailed for resisting what others swore publicly and willingly not to do?

“…whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1798)

“…a law repugnant to the Constitution is void…”
– Marbury v. Madison, (1803)

“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no right; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
– Norton v. Shelby County, (1886)

They swore to Defend the Constitution…
…but won’t answer this question?

“What defines and limits our Federal government?”


 1.  The Constitution, the Enumerated Powers, the 10th Amendment, and the Oath of Office.


2.  The Federal government itself, under the view that the Constitution is a ‘living document’.

How they view the Constitution also tells us
who & what they are obeying and defending:

The Constitution and us


The Federal government itself?

We have delivered this letter initially to eight men that
 swore the Oath of Office: 

Open Letter to Lancaster County Oath Takers


Help us get an answer from them, and then the rest of the men and women in Lancaster County that swore the Oath to Obey and Defend the Constitution

See who has NOT answered and needs to hear from you, or has answered and how: 


  1. Senator Ryan Aument  – His Statement

  2. Rep. David Zimmerman  – Agrees this must be resolved;  Waiting for Statement

  3. Chief Kerry Nye  – Currently discussing…

  4. Chief David Stephen  717-733-0965 

  5. Judge David Miller  717-569-8721 

  6. Judge Edward Tobin  717-626-0258 

  7. Sheriff Christopher Leppler  717-299-8200 

  8. District Attorney Craig Stedman  717-299-8100, #8 


Phone call instructions:

You can certainly be polite while still insisting on an answer.  We are not Leftists like Antifa, Code Pink, or the SEIU.  We do not practice the dark art of Leftist Millennialism and whine and yell and chant to get our way.

You are an American and you have a Right to be protected by the Constitution and have the Oath of Office honored by all who swore it.

All people everywhere are born with the God-given Right to be free.  In this nation the Constitution is the instrument we created to keep us that way and a high price was paid for it in lives and blood and pain.

When you call to leave a message keep it simple, keep it civil, but above all you absolutely need to want to know the answer to how these men and women view the Constitution because your very Freedom depends on it.


My name is__________.
My phone # is __________.

I am one the people to whom you swore your Oath of Office, and I would like to know how you view the Constitution and why you have not released a statement so that we can all know?

It is a simple question that others have answered and that you are obligated to answer as well.


Or, keep it very, very simple…

My name is__________.
My phone # is __________.

I believe that you are obligated to publicly clarify how you view the Constitution.


You swore the Oath of Office, now please honor that Oath and defend the Constitution by publicly answering the question of how you view the Constitution.


We all have a right to know how you view the Constitution.  Please do what you publicly and willingly swore to do by answering this question.


As an American how I view the Constitution is important, just as it is for all those that swore the Oath to obey and defend it.  I am one of those people to whom you swore your Oath and I am without question entitled to a public statement on your view.   Please release a statement at your earliest convenience to inform all of us as to which of the two polar opposite views on the Constitution that you hold so that we can all know which Oath you swore and to whom you swore it.


Always leave your name and phone number to verify to them that you are a citizen of Lancaster County and entitled to an answer.

While none of this is difficult, it is important to not create problems for ourselves, so stay focused.  The Left will look for any excuse to attack us and our effort to resolve this constitutional crisis that they created.  Do not give them any ammunition to use against us.  Leftists will call and be obnoxious and even threatening in order to blacken our cause and or efforts, so it is our job to make the contrast between the phone calls we make and theirs.

We are Conservatives and we do things a certain way.  Leftists, no matter which side of the political aisle they are on, are bullies and thugs in everything they say and do.  They use tactics instead of reason and truth.  Do not be afraid of being strong and exercising your Rights, but do it with virtue and logic.  Honor those that fought and those that gave everything so that you and those you love can be free.

God willing we soon will be again.



We contacted the U.S. Office of Special Counsel responsible for enforcing the Hatch Act of 1939, and the gentleman we spoke to clarified that indeed our question about the Constitution is about the law and not political.  He stated that if we are not campaigning or working for a political party or for a candidate for political office our question is not political in nature, it is a legal question because it is in regard to the Constitution itself and being posed to everyone that swore their Oath publicly and willingly.

We are going after members of all political parties and members of none.  We are not partisan in our efforts.  The Oath of Office and the Constitution are not partisan.  Everyone that serves the American people has to swear the Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution.  It is clarification on how they view the law, not their political beliefs, we seek.

Is there any other law they feel they are not allowed to clarify?

How can a lawyer defend his client if he is not allowed to discuss anything about his client?

If their personal political beliefs, no matter their party or lack thereof, keep them from honoring their Oath and enforcing the Constitution, then that is a conversation we may have to have some day very soon, but that is not our question today.

If you would like to confirm this for yourself or assure those that would argue that they are not allowed to answer because our question is political and it will cost them financially or even their job, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel can be reached at 202-804-7000.

We are waiting to hear back from the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission to confirm what we are sure will be the same answer regarding the Pennsylvania Civil Service Act 905.2 and its restrictions and penalties for political activity.

It would be insane to think that elected people could ever create rules and laws blocking and then penalizing anyone for honoring their Oath of Office.

Who wrote the Constitution?
Whose values are reflected in the Constitution?
The Left’s or Right’s?
Yours or mine?

The values that created the Constitution have divided our world from the beginning.  They are what created Western Civilization and refined it.  They created our Republic and have caused most of our wars, internal and external, to see it preserved.

 Hatred for these principles is currently tearing our world apart.

We are scheduling Town Hall meetings to determine whose values are reflected in the Constitution.

The Left calls the Constitution a “living document”.

We are certain this is a lie and historically and intellectually indefensible, but we want them to try anyway.

[Dates, times, and locations to be announced]

The Left is correct in being terrified of us having this conversation.