Exactly what country do you think you live in?

What Can We Do?

The Problem:

2/3 of the federal U.S government is unconstitutional.  That means illegal.

Which means that the highest law in the land has been, and is being, broken by Democrats and Republicans almost daily.

The U.S. Constitution puts strict limits on, and grants powers to, the States and the Federal government.

We call that Federalism.  It exists because States exist.  It is the very definition and foundation of the United States of America.

But, what is our recourse if a politician breaks the law by creating an illegal, un-Constitutional “law,” and then mandates that we are arrested for not obeying it?

What do we do if the pattern of their illegal actions, as well as their professed philosophy, points to an intentional, systematic dismantling of the very laws meant to limit their power. What then?

What are we allowed to do to reclaim the annual, illegal confiscation of 1/3 of our income that funds these illegal actions?

What can we do if power has so corrupted the system that we have no refuge?  When the laws meant to protect us, our rights, and our property have been corrupted and ignored, what can we do?

When clauses and Amendments of the Constitution are used to erase the underlying principles that limit the concentration of power in the Federal government, how do we stand against that?

How do we respond to laws that are immoral?  Are we obliged to obey God or Government?

In what manner do we engage our opponents on these issues when they have been dumbed-down and encouraged to respond with hate, lies, indifference, and intolerance?

What do we do?  This is not a rhetorical question, or one that can be ignored any longer.

Do we have the strength and the moral conviction to resolve these injustices and dilemmas?


The Solution:

Since no one seems to have any ideas, let me propose as simple of a plan as I can conceive of (it will complicate itself soon enough):

  1. We must unite as Conservative, Christian Americans, no matter our race or origin.
  2. We must demand that our Constitution and Federalism be obeyed.
  3. We must make it undeniably clear that we have the law, history, tradition, and reason on our side.
  4. We must be resolved, that once begun, we will not leave the field until the battle is won.

We could use passive resistance to interject ourselves between politicians determined not to obey the Constitution and the place that they are committing those crimes: We could refuse entry to our halls of congress to the very people that refuse to obey our Constitution.

We could unite behind one message:  Federalism.  We could demand an end to all illegal additions to the Constitution.  We could demand the closing of all government agencies and an end to all Federal powers not allowed or granted by the Constitution.

We could demand that our States stand up to the abuse of the Federal government on our behalf, as was almost recently done by Montana.

We could start in our towns and our counties by refusing to take money from the Federal government and freeing our schools from the Federal monopoly.  We could find ways to reclaim our communities from the tyranny of illegal Federal mandates.

We could organize a system in which we only pay taxes on the parts of the Federal government that the Constitution allows for, starving into nonexistence the illegal additions made over the last several decades.

If successful, we could continue to tax those responsible for and supportive of decades of government theft, waste, and harm until the transition of shrinking our government is completed.  They would help pay off our Federal debt, and transition those that are retired or physically disabled to move from government dependency to private care and support.

We could sue the responsible politicians and political parties in court to regain our rights, our country and our property.  We could determine which people have been organized in their efforts to destroy our Constitution, and hence our country, and we could relieve them of their political positions and/or their citizenship and their property, as described in the Constitution concerning treason.


The Result:

50% of our income is taken as one form of tax or another...

2/3 of that is unconstitutional, equalling 1/3 of our total income...

A 67% pay increase would result from simple obedience to the Constitution.

Producing a country that does not need Social Security, nationalized health care, welfare, etc. Is that motivation enough? And if not that, then what?




We could find ways if we lived and acted as our Founding Fathers and our forefathers did.

We could find ways if we were determined to live lives worthy of the men and women that paid with their lives or with the lives of their loved ones for us to have this country and freedom.
We could find ways if we were determined to stand up as men.

Will you stand up and be counted?  Are you with me?

Joe Bennett



FEDERALISM: Article 1, Sect.8 / 10th Amendment

We will pick away at their empire, built from our rights and our income.
We must do this because there is no one else to do it, and it is,
and always has been, our responsibility.


There is no greater task facing us than motivating the apathetic. Nothing more difficult than inspiring the timid. Nothing more important than educating the misinformed. Nothing that we say we should do will happen unless we overcome the fear, indiffernce, and ignorance that plagues Conservatives in this country. We are truly our own worst enemies.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
-Edmund Burke



Will We Have The Strength To Draw A Line?

What will it be?

1. "Fairness" Doctrine?

2. New Draconian/Unconstitutional gun laws aimed at us... the good guys?

3. Continued and increased Illegal/Unconstitutional confiscation of our income?

4. New Unconstitutional Federal programs?

5. Citizenship for lawbreaking foriegn nationals from third-world countries?

What are you prepared to do, and when?


The "Line" We Are Afraid Of Crossing Is Not The Line Set By Our Constitution

The Left has pushed us backwards for 75 years, recreating the Rights and Limits codified in our Constitutution. The Line we are afraid of crossing does NOT exist. They make up new rights, they deny our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, and they disobey the limits on their powers to do these things. They have a right to convene a Constitutional Convention, but it is easier for Congress to overstep their bounds, and even easier for rogue judges to break their Constitutional restrictions.

There is no line other than the line set by our God and our Founding fathers in our Constitution.

They have approximately five duties, no more.

They have no right to "bail us out" with our money in a problem they created.

They do not have the right to make us pay for the immoral or self destructive behavior of others.

They do not have the right to take away our right and ability to protect ourslevs.

They do not have the right to deny Christians, but not themselves, moral influence over our government.

They do not have the right to betray us to invading foreign nationals.

They do not have the right break their oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution, and its limits on Federal power, from threats foreign and domestic.

They do not get to oppose a military action while our soldiers are in harms way without ever offering an alternative.

They do not get to betray our country while encouraging our enemies with such pointless opposition.

They do not get to lengthen military opperations by their destructive opposition and then blame others for the resulting damage to life, property, liberty, and our country's reputation.


We have nothing to fear as we drive the idealogical usurpers from their stolen seats of power over us. We have nothing to fear. This is our home that our values created. This is Our Republic!







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Words of War

"I will not cede more power to the state. I will not willingly cede more power to anyone, not to the state, not to General Motors, not to the CIO. I will hoard my power like a miser, resisting every effort to drain it away from me. I will then use my power, as I see fit. I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth. That is a program of sorts, is it not? It is certainly program enough to keep conservatives busy, and Liberals at bay. And the nation free.

- William F. Buckley Jr.

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